The Socialdancer



in the club

We offer lessons in the RRC-Spreeathen e.V., a registered society. It holds the highest number of Lindy dancers in Berlin. We are responsible for the level Beginner and Intermediate.

In our classes we set a high value on techniques and dancing patterns that can be lead easily, so that indeed social dancing takes place on the floor where with each other is facilitated.

Our passion we enjoy sharing with many and consequently we convey with patience and joy the basics and essential techniques for the fun in Lindy Hop..


“Rather lead a simple figure well and in tone with the music than a complicated move danced past the other.”


On demand:

Private tutoring

This may be sensible if you want as a pair- or solo dancer acquire special techniques or practice more intensely..


You are a number of couples who say: Hey let’s have a weekend to have fun and learn.

Our workshops want to address dancers at heart, who want to get in touch with learning more in the field of movement, a clear leadership-style, following easily and the odd trick for relaxed dancing.

We start at the intermediate level and at the same time we pick the group up where she is at.

Catania Feb. 2016
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